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***Three year warranty on all Electric meters. Twenty year warranty on Gas and Water ERTs.***


With its exceptional accuracy and reliability, our innovative meter has become the market leader in solid-state metering. It offers an integrated automatic meter reading (AMR) platform for the future at a cost that makes sense for today's residential market.


Building upon the foundation of the original CENTRON residential electricity meter, Itron’s next-generation CENTRON II meter helps utilities adapt to the shifting regulatory and consumer landscape. Functionality in the CENTRON II can be specifically tailored to suit your needs—a unique OEM interface, with interchangeable personality modules, allows you to customize the meter’s capabilities. Collect and utilize more detailed information and better manage demand—on your terms—with the CENTRON II.

CENTRON® Polyphase Meter

Building on the exceptional performance of the CENTRON product line, the CENTRON Polyphase has the solid-state accuracy you expect from the CENTRON, and all the advanced functionality you need to meet the demands of low- to mid-tier commercial and industrial customers.

Water ERT® Modules
The 100W+ ERT® communication module is the latest addition to Itron’s portfolio of advanced metering devices for water utilities. Featuring a compact design, industry leading battery life and technology designed to adapt and grow with your business, the 100W+ module can help you streamline your operations and maximize your resources today and into the future.
100W+ ERT modules are available in two housing designs, supporting both water pit and remote installations.


Our solid-state, multi-measurement polyphase meter offers superior accuracy and voltage quality monitoring for use in high-tier commercial and industrial locations. Industry-leading communications capabilities and a wide range of software options let you view critical C&I data in the form you need.

Water Meter with an Itron Water ERT® Module Package
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Gas ERT® Modules
The 100G module is Itron’s most advanced gas ERT® module. It offers capabilities that enable utilities to streamline operational processes, reduce costs and enhance customer service levels with detailed consumption information. The module increases confidence in data privacy and system control with new levels of enhanced security. Members of the ChoiceConnect meter data collection systems, 100G modules are available for meters and correctors from all leading manufacturers.​

Itron Optical Probes and driver for Gemalto Meter Key Card Reader

Itron optical probes are used in conjunction with the PC-Pro+ Advanced software.
**Click on the image to take you to the updated driver software.

Field Collection System
FCS is Itron’s next generation walk-by and drive-by meter data collection system designed specifically for large electric, gas and water utilities. FCS is a state-of-the-art Microsoft Windows-based software solution that uses web services, client/server architecture to provide superior flexibility and ease-of-use. FCS is compatible with Itron collection devices currently on the market, including optical and water probes, and integrates easily with third-party software applications for billing, meter data management and data analysis.

PC-Pro+ Advanced

PC-PRO+ Advanced is a powerful set of tools to be used for programming meters to exact specifications before deploying them in the field. With it, you can easily configure and troubleshoot many Itron electricity meters, including CENTRON® and SENTINEL® meters.

Load Research
Itron’s industry-leading position in collecting and analyzing load profile data provides a rock-solid foundation for innovative load research and profiling services. These capabilities, combined with software tools and application expertise, put Itron in the unique position to deliver comprehensive load research products and related services to our customers.

Itron Mobile App
Itron Mobile is a tool kit for collecting data and performing other field activities. It takes advantage of the latest mobile technologies used by utility employees. The Itron Mobile app runs on smart phones, tablets and laptops. It is available for Android, Apple iOS and Windows 10. Itron Mobile combines walk-by and drive-by features in a single app and leverages mobile technology to deliver valuable new outcomes. Itron Mobile includes a new handheld radio called the Itron Mobile Radio that can be used with any mobile device equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy. The MC3 radio can be used with Itron Mobile app running on a Windows 10 laptop or tablet.

Itron Mobile Radio
The Itron Mobile Radio is an all-purpose, walk-by reader and programmer for use with Itron’s Smart meters and endpoints. This lightweight, portable device utilizes Itron’s proven SRead technology in a two-way 900 MHz radio for communicating with electric, gas, water and telemetry endpoints using Itron’s Mobile application or Field Deployment Manager. The Itron Mobile Radio has been designed to handle environmental elements and each unit is tested to ensure integrity as it relates to dust, rain and drop conditions.

Mobile Collections System (MC3 and MC3 Lite)
MC3 is the latest in drive-by data collection for Itron’s ChoiceConnect™ advanced data collection suite, offering data logging and two-communications capabilities in a mobile solution. Powered by Itron SRead™ radio, the MC3 offers unparalleled meter reading performance, portability and affordability to gather consumption and tamper data from radio-based endpoints for electricity, gas and water.
Itron, a global leader in measurement, data collection and management technologies and services, recognizes the emerging needs of the solar industry. Building on our success, Itron provides a distinctive portfolio of solutions and managed service offerings for solar providers and utilities designed to meet the business challenges of distributed generation and build a more flexible and resilient power grid for the future.

Itron Total Solar packages our existing industry-leading capabilities in solar metering, communications, asset monitoring and data management, analysis and load forecasting, and managed services, together in a simplified, subscription-based pricing structure.

Honeywell CN80

Rugged Android handhelds for Itron Mobile app and Temetra